Geotechnical Services


Drone Arial Assessment

Bridge Subsurface Exploration

Roadway Subsurface Exploration

Pedological Study

Pavement Design

Slope Stability Analysis

Settlement Analysis

Shallow and Deep Foundation Recommendations

Retaining Wall Design Recommendations

Geotechnical Forensic Studies

Dams & Embankments Studies


Drilling Services



Mud Rotary

Continuous Flight Hollow Stem Auger

Continuous Flight Solid Stem Auger

Rock Coring

Texas Cone Testing

Standard Penetrating Testing

Monitoring Wells & Piezometer Installation

Settlement Plates Installation & Monitoring

Inclinometer Installation & Monitoring

Undisturbed Sampling

Pressuremeter Testing

Construction Materials Testing & Inspections

Cleveland County Justice4

Soil Compaction by Nuclear Method

Soil Compaction by Sand Cone Method

Depth Check

Flow Test

Unit Weight Test

Slump Test

Air Content Test

Concrete & CLSM Cylinder Cast

Concrete Beam Cast

Roadway Density by Nuclear Method

Roadway Coring and Length Measurement

Floor Flatness and Levelness

Relative Humidity of Concrete Slabs

Fireproofing Testing

Structural Steel Inspection

Shop Inspection

Post Tensioning Inspection

Rebar Inspection

Pier Drilling Inspection

Masonry Construction Inspection

Proofroll Inspection

Foundation Inspection

ACI Concrete Pavement Inspection

Laboratory Testing Services


Soil Classification

Sieve Analysis

Specific Gravity

Standard & Modified Proctor

Atterberg Limits

Dry Density

California Bearing Ratio

Direct Shear

Tri-axial (UU, CU, CD)

1-D Consolidation and Swell

Unconfined Compressive Strength

LA Abrasion

Aggregate Durability

Compressive Strength of Concrete, Grout, Mortar & Masonry

Alkali-Silica Reactivity

Beam Flexural Strength

Soil, Asphalt & Concrete Mix Design

Superpave Gyratory

Extraction & Gradation

Maximum Theoretical Specific Gravity

Marshall Stability & Flow

pH & Resistivity

Soluble Sulfate, Chloride

Freeze-Thaw & Wet-Dry

Flat or Elongated Particles

Masonry Absorption

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